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notes: movement and composition workshop

loft space“Vocabulary is the way in which a person moves. The body has an intelligence of its own and a way of digesting complex situations which spoken language can’t touch. How do people move? How do they feel the world?” – Meg Stuart

curiosity, wonder, re-discovery, embedded gesture, habitual shapes

Movement – walking. walking, stopping, starting. walking, stoping, starting, pace.

pace. tempo. scale. level. shape. pouring. pushing. pulling. balance. swinging. sticking. dab. extend. contract. fold. roll. shape.

responsive shapes. responsive to space, responsive to bodies.

connection, distance, contact, energy, attention, awareness. emotions.

position. moving through. stick with – transition, transformation, mutation.

word. stream of consciousness. stick with.

movement and speech:

postion/word – moving through/stream of consciousness – stick with / stick with

one minute

two minutes

three minutes – longer

play. let go. let the form emerge. allow all the elements to gather an energy and composition of their own.


Movement & Composition Workshop was run by Samantha Chester at the Loft Space, Ultimo over a weekend in June, 2013. (June 22-23, 2013).