Boni Cairncrossʼ practice is an inquiry into the structures that inform our perception of experience. It is an examination of how the live event relates to its subsequent record.

Cairncrossʼ practice is process-driven, often employing duration, repetition and participation. Her recent work experiments with liveness and subjective methods of recording to expose the multiplicity inherent in experience. She explores the problematic zone between the original and the mediated where the live and the record, the direct and indirect, the active and the passive sit in binary opposition. Through an examination of this space she seeks to challenge the established notions of authenticity and immediacy that characterize the discourse of experiential art forms. In doing so, her practice is an attempt to find new ways to communicate the lived experience of a moment.

Responding to site and context, her practice moves across forms. It has been realized as action, live participatory forms, real-time documentation, speech, installation and textiles.