“Lets not throw stones in glass houses Boni – some text based performances can be really fucking boring.”







A soft white cube. White felt floor, white fabric draped along the walls. Five white-clad performers inhabit the space. They enter at the time of opening and leave when the gallery shuts. Its a durational performance where the performers are asked to perform ‘nothingness’.

But they are given the prompt “There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear”.

It might be very boring.

Adjoining this is another room – some benches and a live feed projection of the performance occurring in the next room. Viewers will be asked to commit to a minimum of one-hour. There will be no prompt.

It might be very boring.

The performance will NOT be documented. Although I will interview the participants and viewers and produce an essay examining the outcomes.


What is boredom?

An everyday tedium to be endured?
Something produced through a lack of engagement?

A state of mind? A transitional zone?

Something that occurs continuously and is avoided through constant distraction?

I’m interested in exploring these questions in an experimental situation: what are the rules of art engagement in the spectacle-rich hi-tech western world? What are the implications of employing performers to do nothing? What are the implications of imposing time-frames of engagement on voluntary viewers?


If I where to win Winner! I would extend Mish Grigor’s gesture and turn the curatorial fee-turned prize money into a performers fee.

The other costs involved in producing this performance – the space hire, material costs, equipment hire – will, at this stage, be self-funded.


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