re-performing. again and again.

god only knows what I am going to do next

I’m going to leave this country

experience occurs continuously

aggressively white

These are some of the fragments of text that I can vividly recall from the live situations of you must follow me carefully. They are lines that I distinctly remember hearing during the participatory performance, and they are the lines I wait to hear everytime I re-perform these situations.

Recently I have been re-performing the one-off live situations by listening to the audio recordings and transcibing these by hand (much the same as I do in the live event). I’m interested to see what will emerge from a repeated re-mediation of this series.

Already I am surprised by what is evidenced in the process – things that emerge again and again. Other things that slowly lost, and other things that were lost altogether somehwere between the initial performance and the first re-performance. But then there are also things – thoughts, observations, sensations – that are transcibed in later layers that are not present in the intial ones. It seems what links these together, besides the repeated action, is my memory of all of the events. And gradually this is blurring.


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