interactions and relations.



For Richard Schechner, where a performance ‘takes place’ is a complex question. Schechner states, ‘performance isn’t in anything, but exists between things’ (2002, p42).

You must follow me carefully is a performative workshop. A constructed situation. It asks participants (including the artist) to occupy a room for an hour. To perform one task repeatedly for an hour.


Is this the artwork? The live event? The individual performing their role? The performance existing between the sheet of text being read and the participant reading it aloud? Activating it through their interaction? Or through punching heard thoughts onto the page via a typewriter? The tool (voice/typewriter) mediating the experience.

Or does the artwork exist between the present participants – the live encounter as a whole? The group dynamics influencing the outcome – sometimes dry, sometimes playful.

If it resides within the individual – does the artwork continue to develop every time they think about this experience? If they recount it to someone else – is this still the artwork? Or a document? And how do you map/trace all these intangible things? (does it even matter? – maybe its better as something fleeting, a whimsical thing – just a feeling. experience).

If this situation is repeated (with variations to those who participate) – is this a document or a continuation?



where is art?




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