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Listen to a snippet of the audio documentation from the first instalment of You must follow me carefully –

In this detail the focus is placed on Sebastian. Forty-five minutes into the performative workshop, Seb approached the audio recorder and spoke directly into it. We hear Seb cycle through the score he was given quickly proceeded by a more playful interpretation of given text. Below is an image of the text Seb was working from:

From the moment that we are taught to read (speaking specifically of English here) we approach text as a linear task – left to right, across the page. And for the most part we expect text to contain a narrative. Seb’s interpretation of the spatial placement of text on the page breaks away from those conventions.


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  1. bonicairncross Post author

    I should probably add that I had not realised that Seb jumped around the text on the page whilst performing myself. It was only through listening back to the audio documentation (and comparing that to the original script) that I become aware of it – which I find incredibly interesting. Part of my investigation through this body of work is to look at the notion of being present within the live experience. Presence, or ‘direct’ experience, seemingly creates an authentic experience through its immediacy whereas documentation is a fragment of the live experience and one which is intentionally framed in a certain way. However, as this reflections demonstrates, experiencing the live event directly is often a fragmentary experience – one which is framed by the individual. At a very basic level where our attention is focused determines what we absorb.


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