a list of references

Rather than continuing the series Off the Route – which used single quotes relating to performance art theory and post-colonial theory – I decided to develop a new work for my residency here at the Firstdraft Depot. Admittedly there are several things the same between the live art workshops in Off the Route and the current workshops I’m running, which I have given the working title You must follow me carefully. 

I decided that I would still use found text – quotes from things that I had read, or things that had been suggested to me. However, instead of using the whole quote as a chunk, I would use a kind of chance operation to compose a whole new text. This is a reference list for the quotes that were collaged together into the scores that formed the basis of the first You must follow me carefully workshop:

H G Wells, Danielle Read, Robert Morris, the YBCA ‘artist as subject’ curator statement, Rainer Maria Rilke, Sarah Pierce, Rene Zechlin, Guineafowl, John Cage, Lawrence English, Sally O’Reilly, enowning.blogspot.com.au, Leah Dieterich, Cory Doctorow, Susan Sontag, a 1976 Minolta advertisment, John Dewey, Ann Hamilton, Tim Etchells, Patrick Suskind, Nancy Holt and Richard Serra, Alvin Lucier, Henry M Sayre, Peggy Phelan, Roland Barthes, Martin Heidegger, Goldfrapp and some of my own writing.


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